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Very happy to be back to this! Lots of exciting things on the Horizon.

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Beetlebone's Verdant Sepulchre

Hey there! I'm Jake. I made this website to help catalog some of my interests, activites, and inner thoughts! This site is still under construction, so check back occassionally to see how it has changed!

Planned changes


Hey, thanks for checking in. My life has gotten pretty busy in the last 4 months, and my site has suffered from neglect as a result of that. But I'm here now! Back and better than ever. I've updated my Music, Anime, and Videogame pages with new blog posts that detail what I've been getting into in terms of media lately. It looks like my cutom 404 page no longer works, so I still have to troubleshoot fixing that one. I've got big plans though! Many good ideas in the works. I've got the stuff to really sink my teeth into the warhammer page, and I have an idea for another new page. That being said, I think I will be tabling the book page until further notice. I haven't been reading enough ately and I've got enough on my plate as it is! Also, still thinking I'm gonna overhaul the homepage soon. So yea, there you have it! That's our roadmap.

Updated the design of the graphics page. Then, updated the anime so that the there are images for each anime listed, and that each of the mangas has a write-up. Finally, made a new blog entry. I also made one on my music page. Check them out! I also made the final option on my graphics page for 88x31 buttons. Then, I added 2 new nav buttons to my nav bar. The sites haven't been made yet, but this way they will be there to remind me to start them at some point.

Bit the bullet and began working on my graphics page. Created a home page where one can select the graphics they want to see, as well as the page for the first style of graphics, stamps. Then, used ms paint to make a sidebar image which links to the graphics page. This link was then universally added to the side bar. The graphics page itself needs a better aesthetic design.

Began to work on making the videogame page. It's Orange! Currently features an intro article and a favorite games article. I think it needs more content but looks fine enough to be added to the nav. After adding images to the videogame page, went back and tuned up anime and music with a blog section so i can ramble about my latest thoughts relevant to each topic.

Updated the background color of home, about, and anime to have opacity, consistent with the music page. Updated music page, divided into descrete sections for each subject. Added write-ups on favorite albums, added "Spotify Wraps" article. Updated Anime page to include a MAL link, and divided into discrete article consistent with music. Began work on manga article.

Put a lot of work into the music page. Added write up on important albums, and added some favorite albums. Created an 88x31 button for my rym. Finally, added music page to nav bar for public access.
Installed a sidebar on the right-hand side. This includes a Curio Cabinet, a Status Box where i can put my current mood, and a textbox with code you can use to link to my website.

Created a custom 404 page for site. Put a bunch more work into the anime page, which actually has real content now. Began working on the music page, which is not yet linked to the main site. Had to do a lot of messing around with the files before I could get it to work. It should go up sometime this week. Put a button which links to my profile and to neocities!

Created separate css file for nav bar which can be imported for each page, updated it's look. Started working on a new page, the anime one. Created the background, and made a skeleton for the content. Added a favorites section to the about me page.

Today I seriously buckled in and spent a lot of time working on my site. I rebuilt both my home page and about me page from the ground up. Neither page is finished yet but I think that I have a very good start in both, especially considering the number of elements I have added. I am very Excited for the future of my page!

The creation of my Neocities account, and the start of my journey in learning html.