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I have been a fan of anime and manga for a long time. We owned My Neighbor Totoro on VHS growing up, which was probably the first one I ever saw. Then, Naruto would air on Toonami. When I got to the 5th or 6th grade, friends my age began to discover other shows and recommend them to me. The first anime I watched of my own personal choosing was Soul Eater. Middle School was also around the time when I watched all of Dragon Ball Z. I did not really watch anime at any point in High School, as it was at around that time when people around me considered anime cringe. Once I started college, however, I began to watch tons of anime. I go through periods where I binge series after series, and others where I hardly watch any anime at all. It's all in flux with how into other hobbies I am. At this point, I have watched something like 60+ series, and have many more on my list.

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This article will be used to talk about my recent thoughts regarding anime and manga! Hopefully this will be updated every so often to reflect what's been most recently on my mind.

I've only watched one new anime in the last 4 months, and it was Chainsaw Man! It fucking rules! I also watched something like 60 more episodes of my DBZ rewatch, which I had started last spring. I'm in the midst of the perfect cell arc. I watched all of DBZ in like 2012, but haven't watched it since then. I had kinda thought I'd outgrown it. But recently I was thinking about how I'd never seen Dragon Ball Super, and I kinda wanted to know what was up with it. I decided that I should rewatch DBZ, as it had been over a decade since my last viewing, and I didn't much about the Buu arc or how the series actually ends! As an adult, I appreciate DBZ for different reasons than I did when I was younger. Back when I was younger, It was all about the cool powers and awesome fights. Now, I find the fight scenes way too drawn out. But, what I can appreciate is the quality of animation, and the time and skill the episodes must have taken to make. It's really an insane feat, with super impressive art. The other thing I like about it is just how wild of a turn it takes when compared to the original Dragon Ball story. That being said, I find myself in need of frequent breaks for this rewatch.

In the last months, tons of new stuff has come out that's high on my list of things to watch!! I can't wait to watch them once i get back into watching anime again. Here's a few on my radar:

Hi guys, been a couple weeks! Since my last update, I have finished watching Wonder Egg Priority. By the end of the show, i didn't like it nearly as much as I had hoped. It has such a promising start, and the animation is beautiful. However, it kind of loses track of itself by around episode 8. They continue to introduce new ideas, and cease to flesh out any of the existing ones. It felt like none of the stuff that brought you in was given any attention any more. Overall, pretty dissapointed.

I also watched the first episode of Chainsaw man! It was fucking awesome. Everything that I had hoped it would be, and more. I cannot wait for the rest of the cast to be introduced!

Lately, I have had a couple shows on my mind that I would like to rewatch. First of all, PMMM. It's so damn good and I feel like the more intense parts of it would be great for this autumnal time of year. The other thing I want to rewatch is the first season of Machikado Mazoku. The second season just came out this summer, and I haven't watched it yet. Before I get to it, I think I would like to refresh myself on what happened! Oh, and I also have to watch season 2 of Demon Slayer with my dad!

This week, I finised watching "The Case Study of Vanitas". I thought it was fairly good, and I am a sucker for vampires, so it got bonus points from that. I also rewatched DoroHedoro with my Dad, who hadn't ever seen it before. That makes this the second time I've watched the whole series this year! Now that I have finished Vanitas, I have began to watch "Wonder Egg Priority" I am 4 episodes in, and I like it a lot! The art style is stunning, and it is kind of reminding me of PMMM.

Also regarding anime, several very exciting shows are coming out in the next week! I cannot wait to watch the first episodes of the Chainsaw Man anime, and Mob Psycho 100 3!

I read the latest chapter of csm last night, and it was really good. The 2 week wait between chapters is agonizing! I can't wait to see what happens after the most recent reveal. I'm also still reading Berserk, although I haven't picked it up in like a week. I'm about 50 Chapters in, and expect that "I'm Still Reading Berserk" will be featured in most of my blog posts here. Finally, I would be remisce to not mention that I am still waiting for more updates to Dungeon Meshi. I'll try to update again after finishing Wonder Egg!

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