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First update in a while! So many small things to work on... but it's okay! Everything in it's own time. I wanted to do my wh page next but I want good pics of my models first!!

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Personal Blogge

Hey there! This is gonna serve as a personal blog. This means I make no promises about it being interesting. Just for me to vent or rant about something or journal or whatever. Since my thoughts on music and anime and stuff all has it's own place, this should mostly focus in the goings on of my real life. It's more for me than it is for you, but feel free to check it out!

  1. 10/18/2022

Hey thanks for reading my new blog page! On Tuesday Nights, I listen to the radio, smoke, and code. It's quite relaxing, and it is a good tradition as it means I am almost guarenteed to work on my site at least once a week. This week, I finally decided to add my new blog feature. Technically, I'm building my site out of order, as this blog page will be launched preceding the warhammer, board games, and books pages. My nav bar will just have to be annoying for a while.

I found out last wednesday that I did not get a job that I was really hoping to get. I was kind of counting on getting it quite frankly, as I didn't really have any sort of contingency plan. Now, I'm finding myself in a tight spot, and I'm really stressed about actually having to do a real job hunt. The job hunting process really really sucks, and is a lose/lose situation no matter how you spend your time. If you spend it actually job hunting, you're miserable because job hunting sucks. If you choose to take a day to yourself and hunt for something tomorrow, you will feel terrible guilt about not job hunting. Now I've got this much bigger weight on my shoulders to actually get a job and it's really messing with me and stressing me out!

Run Club Thoughts

Back in the summer of 2020, I was spending all my time indoors due to covid and quarantine. During this time, I decided to start running to keep myself active and get myself out of the house. I kept up with running until the school year started, and then 2 years went by. Now that I've finished school and I'm living at home again, I've found myself with the time and ability to start running again. What's more, now both my sister and I are living in the same area, so we can actually go out together. We ran three times a week through all of september, and then she convinced me to join this running group with her, to help us improve more, and maybe find some cool people to be friends with. So far, it's been pretty good. The workouts they assigned at the beginning were way below our level, and we haven't really started talking to anyone yet, so it's just a tad awkward. It seems like the challenge of the runs is already starting to ramp up though, so it's looking good. As for making friends, no dice yet. There's a girl in the group that I went to high school with, but so far I have completely avoided making eye contact with her. I didn't really like her in high school, and I only knew she was in the group because I saw her in the facebook group. I'm not sure if she knows I'm a member, and I'm not sure if she would recognize me if she wasn't looking for me. It will be interesting to see if that develops into anything, but I'm kinda thinking we'll just not ever interact. Oh, I'm actually running a 5k this weekend, since my mom will be in town. I haven't ever ran one before, so I'm fairly excited about it. Bailey is running another one in November, so i might sign up and join her for that...It would be pretty cool to see if we've improved even in the span of a couple weeks or a month. It's weird to have so much to say about running, considering there was a really long part of my life where I wanted nothing to do with it, lol.

Recent Developments in MtG:

When I was a Freshman in High School I was really into magic the gathering. This interest faded and I kinda lost it around my junior year. Now, something like 6 years later, I am finding myself getting back into it again, perhaps even more than I was interested in it then. Being back in the area, I have spent a lot of time with my friends from High School who are still here. One of them has always been super into magic, and because I've been spending more time with him, It has caused me to regain interest. I have somebody to play with, so I have a reason to play again. In high school, we only played casual standard. I had made one commander deck in High School, and it turns out my friend who still plays greatly prefers commander. As a result, I have been converted to an EDH player. Now, I have come up with all these ideas for decks that I want to build. I was all excited to start purchasing cards, and that's when I got the call that I did not get the job I was waiting on. Now I'm in money jail, and I shouldn't be buying hardly anything at all until I find a job. T_T.

Recent Trip to Boston

My mom is living in Boston right now for work. Since finishing school, I've been up to visit her a few times. Most recently, I just visited her a couple of weekends ago. I drove down alone, and I hit two hours of traffic driving in to the metropolitan area. Never before had I experienced such heights of frustration as a driver. If the light is fucking green why do we have our breaks on?! The speed limit is 65 why are we not movingggg!!! The drive home went much more smoothly, and I hit no traffic at all. While I was there, we visited the town of Salem! The first day, we waited in line for 3 hours to visit the Witch house. Honestly, It wasn't really worth the wait, but you can't go to salem and say that you didn't visit the witch house! It's like a "when in rome" type deal. We spent the rest of that day exploring a bunch of shops and exploring the main touristy areas. I got a pretty nice salem sweatshirt, as well as a couple of Prints, some Stickers, a Pin, and a pair of Earrings. We had soup for lunch that day, and it was the first Chili i've had in many years! Yum. The second day, we went back to salem because our train tickets were good for the weekend! That day, we spent a lot more time actually exploring the city, actually getting a feel for the layout and seeing some of the town without all the hussle and bussle of Halloween. If you've ever thought about visitng Salem, I would definitely recommend doing it any time of the year other than October. All of our favorite stuff that we saw was the stuff that's gonna be there year round. Well, except for the Goth proposal we saw in front of the Witch House while we were in line. The second day we tried doing dinner in the North End, but it took us a long time to find a restaurant with any seats available. I felt like Mary when every Inn in Bethlehem was occupied. We ended up sitting at the bar of an Italian Restaurant, and we both got the Chicken Parm.
Originally, I had planned on Leaving Boston on the monday of that weekend. Well, we found out that the Gorillaz were playing there that day. I've always really liked the gorillaz but i wouldnt necessarily have called myself a fan. Well, I'm unemployed, so it's not like I really have anything better to do. We ended up getting tickets, and I stayed 2 extra days to see the Concert. They were super incredible live, and now I would absolutely call myself a fan. I've found all kinds of awesome new music from them, and I can only feel like I've been missing out all this time. Better late than never I suppose! The day after the concert, I drove home.