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I really love music. I joined my university's Radio station during undergrad, and during my 4 years in college, my tastes in music expanded to a rather frightening degree. I now listen to music I would never have even considered listening to before college, and I am constantly trying to find new stuff to vibe out to. My tastes range from Hyperpop, to DnB, to Rap and Hip Hop.

Click on the button below to check out my RateYourMusic page! That's where I record every album I listen to and give it a rating! It's the best place to see what I've been listening to lately and get a better idea of my tastes in music!


Alright, well, it's been a minute. I haven't updated the blog in 4 months. oops! Since October, I've listened to lots!! I have found so much more music to absolutely fall in love with. The biggest developments have probably been my budding interest in folk, and in RnB. The warm acoustic guitar sounds of folk have really been doing it for me, especially during this time of year. RnB brings a nice chill vibe that was already in the periphery of my listening, with big names like SZA and Frank Ocean constantly being talked about by people around me. I figured it was finally time to see what all the buzz was about. I also listened to a few new shoegaze albums last month, and a bunch of good pop in December! Here are some favs:

and a bunch of other stuff too! See it all on my RYM page. I promise I'll be updating more regularly again, I missed this!

I've been listening to so much music lately! Bjork's new album, Fossora, came out recently. I liked it well enough! Gotta be in a pretty specific mood to really be into bjork. I listened to the new Beths album, and it was great. Also, Anak Ko by Jay Som. I have also been making an effort recently to listen to some more new wave and goth rock stuff. This includes The Cure's Disintegration , Juju by Siouxie and the Banshees, Head Over Heels by the Cocteau Twins, and Power, Corruption, & Lies by New Order. They've all been phenomenal, but so far the New Order has been my favorite. Good stuff!

Today I have listened to Melting Moment by Poison Girl Friend, Dice by Onew, and White Ceiling/Black Dots Wandering Around by Parannoul. They were all pretty good. I also listened to Slither by Djo, which I really enjoyed, and The Cinnamon Phase by Black Bear, which was also great. Finally, Hold the Girl by Rina Sawayama. I was kinda dissapointed by this album. I'm not sure what it was, but this album lacked the magic of Sawayama. I think it was probably a little to generic, it lacked any memorability. So those are my most recent listens.

Several albums have been released recently which I'm meaning to listen to, and am excited to do so. Expert in a Dying Field, by the Beths. Emotional Eternal by Melodies Echo Chamber. Nymph by Shygirl. Fossora by Bjork. Cool it Down by the Yeah Yeah yeahs. My dad has listened to the Beths album and the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and both got his approval, which is a good sign. Once I've given them a listen, I will have to update again!

My Big Project

Usually when people talk about a project in the context of music, it means they are working on making music in some capacity. Not me though. What I'm doing is more of a personal project. One of the things I learned when I was in student radio was that I had an embarassing lack of knowedge in any music from before I was alive. And I decided to do something about it. So I went online, and found a list of the top 100 albums of the 90's. And I made a spreadsheet, and started listening, and giving scores to each album I've heard. I started this project in the fall of 2021. As of the writing of this passage, I have some 40 odd albums left. Once I finish, perhaps I will update this with some closing thoughts. Then, I will probably move on to the top 100 of the 80's!

Favorite Albums:

Important Albums:

These albums rewired my brain chemistry. They are important because they have had an irreparable ffect on the kind of music I listen to. Often, this is because I liked the album so much that it was my entry into listening to that genre. Anyway, I highly recommend each of these albums if you've never heard if them, because you may find yourself into a new genre!

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