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Real Gamer Hours

Hey, Welcome to my gaming page! I'll be using this page to talk about some of my favorite videogames! I have been playing video games for as long as I can remember, and gaming is still one of my favorite hobbies! Finding a game that just feels right immediately, and that you settle in to play nonstop for a time, is one of life's greatest pleasures. Over the years I have played a LOT of different games, so when I asked what kinds I play, the answer is that I've tried pretty much everything. My Favorite types of games right now are: Metroidvania, Roguelikes, Deck Builders, and RPGs. Types of games I don't particularly enjoy are : RTS-style games, Text-Based Games, and Beat-'em-ups.

Also if you are interested in Video Games, you should check out my brother-in-law's videogame! It is called "A Walk with Yia-Yia" and it is a short and cute game about helping out your grandma after she's had a scary fall. It made me cry when I played it, it's really amazing. Please check it out!


Here I will be making posts in which I simply discuss what I've been into lately, and what's been on my mind! All in regards to specifically the topic of videogames of course!

Hey, long time no see! Honestly, it's been a slow 4 months for me, gaming-wise! Still, as a part of my renewed dedication to making this site, i figured i should talk about what I've been up to since October. There were many weeks during which I didn't play any video games whatsoever. When I did play, it was almost exclusively making small progress on my Second Elden Ring character.
Well, this lack of gaming has been changing a bit lately, and is trending in a direction I like to see! The last few weeks, I've actually been gaming a lot! The vast majority of it has been a renewed interest in Deep Rock Galactic, which I have been enjoying online with my friends! I've been playing the Driller class, and I can promote him whenever I want, but I'm kinda waiting for my friends to catch up. I reeally cant wait to unlock deep dives, which I've been waiting to try for several years now!
I also started dabbling in Apex Legends again. I used to play this game a lot late 2020- early 2021, but eventually lost interest in favor of other things. I have a ton of good memories with the game though, and lately I've been feeling the old magic a little bit. I want to play more of it, but it's hard to get my other friends online at the same time, and especially lately when we do we end up playing deep rock anyway.
Finally, I started a playthrough of the game "Control". I'm only like an hour and a half in, but so far it's super cool! It reminds me of Half-Life, as well as Prey. I can't wait to see where it goes!.

As of recently, I have just picked up Guilty Gear Strive. I've been interested in this game since it's release, but the price point dissuaded me for a while. I've never really been into fighting games of this type, but the design and art style of the game were enough to pique my interest. Once I watched Polygon's video about getting into fighting games, I decided to bite the bullet. So far, I'm terrible but I like it. I have been playing Giovanna!

Other than that, my most recent games of interest have been Cult of the Lamb, Metroid: Dread, and Hardspace Shipbreaker. Games on my radar to try out are Dome Keeper, Arcade Mania, Sable, Omori, and Ib. Tangentially related to videogames, the other thing that I have been doing is selling trading cards on the steam market. I am using the money I make from selling cards to buy other cards which I can use to craft steam badges! Levelling up my profile serves no particular purpose but I like seeing badges on games I like!

My Favorite Video Games

Here are some of my personal favorite games! If I think of more I will be sure to add them!